The most EPIC Cosplay of All Time: Building Skie, Kitiara’s Dragon – Part I [Pics + Video]


My friend Tabby from Artyfakes Action-Props just released a video showcasing the progress her company has made on Skie, the dragon Kitiara rides into battle. Once completed, Skie will be around 16-foot long, can you imagine that? Oh, and don’t forget to LIKE Tabitha‘s AND Artyfakes Action-Props pages on Facebook. [Source: Tabytha Lyons | Artyfakes […]

Fantastic “Thor: The Dark World” Cosplay Photoshoot Featuring L.A. JAZE Cosplay [Pics]


A fantastic “Thor: The Dark World”-themed cosplay photoshoot (by Surrealsister Photog) featuring the lovely couple from L.A. JAZE Cosplay and a few friends. Don’t you just love it when cosplayers actually become their characters instead of just posing as them? Previously on [GAS] by L.A. JAZE Cosplay: She-Ra and Skeletor Come to Life in these […]

Man Builds ‘Brooklyn Typhoon’ Jaeger, is Ready for Apocalypse, Parties [Pics]

Brooklyn Typhoon Jaeger

Artist-performer Peter Kokis of Brooklyn Robot Works built this single-person Brooklyn Typhoon jaeger, influenced by the Crimson Typhoon jaeger piloted by triplets in the film Pacific Rim. It took 10 months, 550 hours, and weighs 152 pounds! And it was made with some very creative love: 2 rat traps, 7 mousetraps (2 types), 53 toy truck […]