New Mac Book Pro’s tomorrow!

After a few weeks of digging, AppleInsider has allegedly uncovered the details of Apple’s new MacBook Pro line-up. They’ve confirmed this based on new MacBook model numbers which have appeared in Apple’s inventory management systems. Long story short, they will be available tomorrow sporting the newest Core 2 Duo Penryn chips running at 2.6GHz. They’ll […]

Steve Jobs: The $1 Man

Poor, poor Steve Jobs. In 2008, Apple’s CEO will continue to receive his third-world-like salary of $1. The worst part of this is that once again, he will not receive a raise this year. The only compensation he’ll get is a few shares of his beloved corporation, currently priced at $140 a piece. Since Apple […]

MacHeads: The unecessary movie

By Ilya Kochanov Contributor, [GAS] My article on arrogant Mac fans made as little impact as I predicted it would. It seems like the whole community has decided to fight back against my discriminatory work with a movie dedicated solely to the culture behind owning said brand of computer. Agreed, there are sub-cultures for almost […]

Mac fans: We’re stuck up!

Ilya Kochanov Contributor, [GAS] Macs are cool computers. They’re technologically advanced and awesome looking to boot. They’ve even got a bunch of dandy features like multi-touch, back lit keyboards, and innovative graphical user interfaces. Great. Owning one however, shouldn’t evoke a self-important smugness and sense of superiority any more than a pair of socks would. […]