Apple unveils the “i”

In the following Apple College Humor video, Steve Jobs unveils the ultimate “i” product: The Apple i. Not only can the “i” make you orange juice, toast and scrambled eggs in the morning, it will also look pretty darn sexy in your iDen. Be the envy of your friends and family and get the Apple […]

5 Reasons to Switch from Mac to PC

Yep folks, this kind of article has been long overdue… and guess what? It was written by a Mac user and Mac developer. The author’s number one reason to switch? Productivity trumps religion! Yet, depending on how a company uses Macs, trying to integrate the computers into a company’s workflow can kill productivity, Keanini said. […]

Apple releases two new “Get a Mac” Ads

Apple just released two new Windows-bashing “Get a Mac” ads for you to enjoy. As Usual, Cupertino relies on half-truths to convince the mass that Apple computers are better systems. Oh don’t get me wrong; I do agree that Macs are better for certain things, but certainly not all of them, namely business applications and […]

Apple to customer: We hate you

There’s no doubt about it; Apple has an extremely dedicated fan base. From waiting in line a whole week for a phone, to writing books and creating movies dedicated to the Apple experience, we’d say that this ungrateful corporation is lucky to have such a following. With this kind of loyalty, you’d expect Apple employees […]

Is Safari taking Windows users for a ride?

This morning after I logged in, Apple’s Software Update program popped up and asked me if I wanted to install Safari.  “Safari? ” I wondered, “the only Apple software I’ve installed on this system is the QuickTime+ITunes bundle.  Why’s it asking me about Safari?” But I’ve mean meaning to install Safari anyway to test browser compatibility, […]