Steve Jobs: The $1 Man

Poor, poor Steve Jobs. In 2008, Apple’s CEO will continue to receive his third-world-like salary of $1. The worst part of this is that once again, he will not receive a raise this year. The only compensation he’ll get is a few shares of his beloved corporation, currently priced at $140 a piece. Since Apple […]

MacHeads: The unecessary movie

By Ilya Kochanov Contributor, [GAS] My article on arrogant Mac fans made as little impact as I predicted it would. It seems like the whole community has decided to fight back against my discriminatory work with a movie dedicated solely to the culture behind owning said brand of computer. Agreed, there are sub-cultures for almost […]

Mac fans: We’re stuck up!

Ilya Kochanov Contributor, [GAS] Macs are cool computers. They’re technologically advanced and awesome looking to boot. They’ve even got a bunch of dandy features like multi-touch, back lit keyboards, and innovative graphical user interfaces. Great. Owning one however, shouldn’t evoke a self-important smugness and sense of superiority any more than a pair of socks would. […]

MacWorld keynote leaked?

By Ilya Kochanov Contributing Writer, [GAS] Take this with a grain of salt folks, the things mentioned in this so-called “leaked” keynote are a bit too good to be true. Apparently, Steve’s notes began making their way around the interwebz after being posted on Wikipedia. The notes mention everything us geeks were hoping for this […]