Apple’s UK Court Woes Keep on Coming


Samsung was officially labeled as uncool by a British judge earlier this month, but it’s Apple that will face the real embarrassment: it’s now been ordered to place advertisements confirming Samsung isn’t a copycat. This particular front of the patent wars involves Apple’s claims that the original version of the Galaxy Tab ripped off the […]

Roachbot: Now with iOS controls


Designed for all those horrible people who want to mess with those of us a little bit terrified of the insect famous for never freaking dying (even though they’re actually rather harmless), the Roachbot is a remote controlled cockroach from Japan. And I suppose it’s been popular enough that it has warranted an “upgrade” to […]

The iOS 6 Preview & Beta Versions

12.06.20 - The iOS 6 Preview and Beta Versions

So after months of speculation about what it will include, Apple finally released an iOS 6 preview to get the Mac fans salivating at what’s to come “this fall”. I’ve finally had the time to sit down and take a look at all the new goodies to behold. You can view their full list of […]