Halloween with its candy treats is gone, the gift giving frenzy of Christmas has passed, and we’ve awoken from our Peep and Cadbury egg induced chocolate comas to the springtime desert of the holiday season… or have we?  Fellow geeks, it’s time to celebrate our roots, with free comic book day! If you haven’t heard […]

Sunday is Game of Thrones Day

game of thrones day

The gripping world created by author George R. R. Martin is returning with a new season tomorrow night (Sunday) on HBO.  You may have missed some of the teaser trailers, but you shouldn’t miss the premiere tonight if you can help it! For those avid fans who have read all of the books of the Song of Ice […]

8-Bit Google Maps – Google’s Awesome April Fools Prank


If you were a fan of the Dragon Warrior series on the NES, then you’re going to absolutely love the April Fools prank from Google this year: 8-Bit Google Maps! You can click the Quest button on ANY google map search and convert your bit of the world into an 8-bit quest, with hidden monsters!

Interactive Question Block Lights

This is an interactive 8-bit lamp

Looking to add a little unique lighting to your house? Then check out this awesome Mario Bros Question Box Lamp from 8 Bit Lit. It’s a soft LED light with an interactive touch panel that produces that lovely coin sound when it’s turned on, and a 1-Up sound when you turn it off. If you’re […]

Danger Danger, Tinfoil Robot Dance [Video]


Pixel Punk and 8-bit musician Oliver Joseph Hindle of Superpowerless brings us a catchy new tinfoil wrapped music video.

Massive Megaman X community Album from Overclocked Remix


Without a doubt some of the most enduring video game music comes from the Mega Man franchise. So prepare yourselves because with 62 tracks, 5 discs, 49 artists, and 4 1/2 HOURS of music, you should be overdosing on awesome from the remixes from Mega Man X1-X8, called Maverick Rising, that was just released by […]

Unexpected Game Boy Music [Video]


No Game Boys were harmed during the making of this video. [MrSeberi]

The Wampug Strikes Back


In this horrifying fan remake, the directors have recast the role of the Wampa from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back with a creature of such shear terrifying, mind shriveling ferocity that we recommend those who are faint of heart, or have a tender disposition, to cover your eyes or refrain from viewing this material. […]

Dr. Grordbort’s Dangerous Game: Brilliant Steampunk Short Film


“Eat me? Ha, he wouldn’t dare. I’m British!” Artist Greg broadmore has brought us an insight with this short film into the world of Dr. Grordbort, a seller of rayguns in an incredibly violent but beautiful science fiction/steampunk world.

Settlers of Star Trek


“Will you give me two Dilithium for one Tritanium?” This might be a question you’ll be asking sooner than you think! A new edition of the classic strategy board game Settlers of Catan is primed for release in March, so be ready to get your Red Shirts on ladies and gentlemen geeks, for Star Trek […]

There’s something I ought to tell you, I’m not left handed either!

The duel between The Dread Pirate Roberts and Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride is certainly one of the most iconic crossing of swords for its combination of footwork, swordplay and witty banter. “‘You seem a decent fellow… I hate to kill you.’ ‘You seem a decent fellow… I hate to die.’ “. For you […]

Max Rebo’s Last Album


Despite the terrible incident on Jabba’s skiff that ended his life, Max Rebo laid down this record with the help of artist Dave Perillo, who has an amazing gallery full of incredible illustrations. [Dave Perillo]