Disney Characters as Gotham Villains [Geek Art]



In this series of illustration, artist Rick Celis re-envisions Disney characters as Gotham Villains (except for Oracle, of course.) Elsa as Ms. Freeze, Ariel as Oracle, Pinocchio as Scarface, Tiana as Poison Ivy, Captain Amelia as Catwoman.





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5 Responses to Disney Characters as Gotham Villains [Geek Art]

  1. Doesn’t it say in the article that Oracle’s included but not counted as a villain?

    Great artwork. Now we just need a few more to complete the set. :D

  2. Elsa could have been oh i don’t know killer frost who is already a girl character. and why not do Ariel as an alantean. like maybe mera, or submariner, black manta. and she doesn’t even look like oracle there. she looks like batgirl after joker paralyzed her.