WANT: Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block



Beautiful, isn’t it?

From The Fowndry:

The Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block gives your regular old kitchenware a rebellious kick in the vegetables. Storing five high quality stainless steel knives, this officially licensed holder looks glorious from any angle.

Chrome finished and standing over 20cm high, the X-Wing Knife Block raises the status of the humble knife holder. Heck, with this in the kitchen even Aunt Beru would be signing up to give the Empire one in the eye. And as for the Force? Well… it’s useful. But can it chop an onion, dice peppers, and slice a loaf? Can it? We’ll ask George, as soon as he picks up.

[Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block - Pre-Order | Via Dude I Want That]

3 Responses to WANT: Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

  1. So, uh, which way do you face this on the counter? With the logo out, you have to remove the knives from the back. With the logo in, you can’t see the resemblance to an X-wing.

    • Probably just for decoration … you never remove the knives because you have better ones around.

    • I love the way people act so seriously in front of a Star Wars knife block…

      Don’t worry dude. No one will force you to buy it if you don’t like it.