Please Turn Your Phone 90 Degrees: A Musical PSA [Video]


If you suffer from the vertical video syndrome, please turn your phone 90 degree. Featuring the lovely and super talented Anna Toth.

[IFHT | Anna Toth on Youtube | Anna Toth on Facebook]

2 Responses to Please Turn Your Phone 90 Degrees: A Musical PSA [Video]

  1. What’s wrong with using the orientation of the phone camera that fits the scene you’re filming? People just get bothered by black bars on the sides of their youtube videos? If it was oriented the other way in place of black bars you’d have distracting scenery that isn’t important to the scene. I don’t post videos to youtube, but when I take video I use whichever orientation has the best composition for what I’m filming. Would you tell people they can only take still photos in landscape orientation, people for generations have been turning cameras on their side to take shots in ‘portrait’ orientation, and will continue to do so. Nothing wrong with it!