Disney’s Firefly: Coming Soon?



Might this be the real reason behind why Joss Whedon signed with Disney? :) True or not, I don’t care, this is awesome and needs to become a real thing.

[Source: Artwork of Stephen Byrne | Via]

14 Responses to Disney’s Firefly: Coming Soon?

  1. Please no. Just no. I love Firefly, and this is just terrible fan art. If Disney actually did that to Book or River, not to mention what appears to be a magic talking bug on Mal’s shoulder, it would be a worse decision than cancelling the series.

  2. I think it’s a cute idea… terrible in real life. But like everything Disney, it would suck the charm out of it. Although in the pic you can see a hint of the tradition of posting something dirty in the background… notice where Kaylee’s wrench is? Looks like she is tightening a different kind of nuts *lol*

  3. No. Nononononononono. Although the design was eye-catching at first, when I examined it closer, it felt like the charm of the original series was sucked out of it. The thing that killed it for me was that it looks like they sucked the dignity out of River and Shepherd Book. River’s been turned into a precocious child trope, and Book’s been reduced to the “Magical Black Person” stereotype. It’s a good idea in theory, but I would say that the original series and the movie are fine with where they’re at.

  4. Would you Firefly fans just let it go! It got cancelled because no one watched it. It got a movie, which no one went to see. (And please don’t crank out the same BS excuses about the network wanting to sabotage it, etc…)
    Stop apologising and making excuses for Whedon. He’s a one trick pony with a major hard-on for Mary-Sues.