Who Invented the Internet? And Why?


A fantastic explanation of the Who, what, and why of the Internet by German information designer Philipp Dettmer.

Nuclear war, cat gifs and reddit? Wait, what?

Who was the genius who came up with all of that? The internet is such a crucial tool in our daily lives today that we hardly remember that it hasn’t been here forever. But yeah, it is actually not that old. We still have fuzzy memories about the time before the first thing in the morning was to check email and browse our favorite blogs and youtube channels. Well, let’s explore how the internet came into existence and why.


2 Responses to Who Invented the Internet? And Why?

  1. Apparently they don’t like being corrected, but I’ll post again. Look up the video, Al Gore DID say he took the initiative in creating the internet.

  2. Uhm, I have almost 20 years as It professional and have read a lot of books about computing history, and the basic idea was from DARPA, and yes, it was to avoid communications between each coasts weren’t broken by nuclear attacks. With communications I mean, phone, telegraph communications that were switched networks.