‘Jodorowsky’s Dune’ Coming to Theaters


Jodorowsky's Dune

Alejandro Jodorowsky was a cult filmmaker, specializing in art house-type fare. After his runaway success, Jodorowsky secured the rights to Frank Herbert’s Dune in 1975. What followed was The Greatest Movie That Never Was.

Jodorowsky enlisted an elite group of artistic mercenaries, including French comic book artist Moebius, who illustrated the storyboards; screenwriter Dan O’Bannon (Dark Star, Alien); artist H.R. Giger (Alien); and sci-fi paperback illustrator Chris Foss. For the cast, he lined up icons ranging from Salvador Dali and Mick Jagger to Orson Welles, and even his own son, who was put through two years of grueling martial arts training to prepare for his role. Unfortunately, the film was never made.

Now, director Frank Pavich has assembled a documentary, including interviews with some of those who were involved with the massive project and the hundreds of drawings and concept art that remains. Unlike Lost in La Mancha, which chronicles the failure of Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote adaptation, Pavich chooses to tell an inspirational story about Jodorowsky and “celebrates the ways in which the creative dreams of Dune planted seeds for many other iconic films that came after it.”

The movie is now playing in select cities but will have a wider release soon. Click here for theaters and dates.

[Source: Jodorowsky's Dune]

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