The Evolution of Metal Gear: From 1987 to 2014 [Infographic]



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  1. Snakes rapid aging in MGS4 isn’t caused by FOXDIE… He’s genetically engineered to rapidly deteriorate after he’s past his optimal combat effectiveness age. Source is the game, which I’ve beaten over 30 times.

    • Can confirm this as well. Actually, it’s pretty common knowledge. I’m surprised whoever wrote this was allowed to be considered an authority on the subject.

      Also, where’s Peace Walker?

  2. The ’98 Snake was inspired by Snake Pliskin of “Escape From New York”. They copied the interview scene in the opening cutscene. Snake’s alias in MGS2 is a nod to this: the name “Iroquois” means “snake”.

  3. Not so much an infographic as a mere summary of each game. Taking into account the very dubious ‘facts’ mentioned and the total omission of one canon game, it’s clear that very little proper research went into this.

  4. Also the image of MGS2 snake is actually Snake from Smash Bros, which is a cobination of Solid and Naked into a single character they simply call “Snake”. Notice how he has the facial hair of Naked Snake, but the sneaking suit of Solid?