It’s the ultimate super soldier battle as Master Chief takes on Captain America, and the winner has already been decided by fan vote!

If you head over to Youtube after watching this, you’ll see that the video has an equal amount of “likes” and “dislikes.” My guess is that there’s quite a few people who are not happy about the outcome of the fight!


3 Responses to Super Power Beat Down: MASTER CHIEF VS. CAPTAIN AMERICA [Video]

    • Yeah, while I agree that Captain America would obviously win him punching Master Chief in the helmet was a little odd. I guess I didn’t know Master Chief was so good at hand to hand fighting, while it’s established in comics that the Captain is among the best in the world. Also, Captain America is as fast and strong as any human can be, with Master Chief weighted down by armor, once the hand to hand fighting started it wouldn’t be as close as it looked in the video.

      • OK, after a little research, it appears as though Master Chief is some kind of super soldier and could possibly be stranger/faster, than Captain America, who knows really. None of these “facts” are objective in the least.

        I guess the only real answer to who would win depends on who’s comic book their appearing in. Same as with all superhero battles. It is apparent from the comments on YouTube that there are a lot of young fans of the Halo series who don’t read comics and had their feelings hurt by this video. And the down-votes are winning now.

        Still, I liked the outcome.