The Creepy Future of Google Glass? [Video]


Yikes, that’s just a little creepy, don’t you think?

Infinity Augmented Reality (Infinity AR) provides the revolutionary software platform that makes the digital eyewear experience (i.e. Meta, Google Glass) a reality. The Company is the first augmented reality software platform to connect universally with digital eyewear, smartphones and tablets, integrating multiple devices into one platform.

Our video will give you a better look into how our software platform brings augmented reality to the user.


15 Responses to The Creepy Future of Google Glass? [Video]

  1. It becomes creepy only if the one wearing the glasses isn’t young, healthy and wealthy. But if you already have all that, why would you need the glasses?

  2. Can anyone say information overload? And he/we won’t be the only ones wearing Glass so no ‘advantage’ for playing pool or picking up girls. I would like to see a video that showed you looking at someone with Glass looking back at you. Now that would be creepy.

  3. all but 10 seconds of it are creepy, but get remarkably less so when she shows up at his place after spending that same 10 seconds with him.

  4. What they didn’t show is 20 min. later, him making a sex tape and streaming it to the internet during the act.?

  5. I want this to happen so that when douche bags rely on this input, the hacking and script-kiddie army will have them getting slapped, crashing, and generally reaping electronic karma.

  6. If someone comes up to me and even before asking my name, asks whether my horoscope is Leo…*cough* stalker*cough*

  7. Honestly, most folks consider them pretty creepy now. Seriously, you’ve got a camera that’s strapped to your head, and nobody but you can tell if you’re recording…