Thief: Side-by-Side Next Gen vs. Current Gen Graphics Comparison [Video]


I’m not sure why, but Thief seems to look better on the Xbox One when compared to the PS4 edition… maybe it’s just me, or is it?

Xbox One & PS4 & PC go head-to-head with Xbox 360 & PS3 in an epic graphics showdown.

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5 Responses to Thief: Side-by-Side Next Gen vs. Current Gen Graphics Comparison [Video]

  1. The XBoxOne looks better because of the gamma/brightness settings, but you’ll also notice it doesn’t have as much fog as the PC or PS4. The differences between the PC or PS4 is pretty small, but the PC has far better AA going in its favor. It also has a bit more fog.

  2. You think the Xbox One looks better because you see better due to Xbox not being able to set the fog as accuratelly as in PC or PS4. In fact you see it better because it’s flawed… it’s not a good point for Xbox.

  3. At first I was thinking the Xbox One was looking better than the PS4 when the video started. But then when they did all 5 side-by-side video compares, I felt slots 3,4,5 were pretty much in order. Being that PC (slot 5) was looking the best, followed by PS4, then Xbox One. PS3 and 360 looked pretty equal to me. While Xbox One and PS4 looked very close, I would say the order they listed them in, is how I felt they were ranked. Even though I am sure they were not trying to give ranking in the order they showed them in. So for me, I would pick the PC version first (used with a controller). But if I had to buy a console version, I would pick the PS4 version based on this video. BUT… Xbox One and PS4 are so close that I would not make a console buying decision based on looks this close. Once playing the game, both will look great.

  4. This is the … let’s see … sixth comparison video I’ve seen. And for the sixth time I have to say the differences are so incredibly minimal. Obviously, comparing between PS3 and PS4 or X360 and X1 is a big difference. It ought to be, these next-gen consoles are many times stronger than the previous. Yes, the PS4 does more fog, but in the scenes that don’t contain fog the X1 looks a little better (the colors and lighting seem just slightly better and that’s not all due to gamma settings). But it’s all so minimal, too minimal to really make a difference. Look, if the difference was on the scale of Dead Rising on 360 (with tons of zombies on screen) or on Wii (with three or four zombies on screen) it makes a difference. This though, doesn’t really matter. And it didn’t really matter in the other videos I’ve seen.

    I’ve seen videos like this in the early days of the 360 and PS3 and it was the exact same thing. Some points went to the PS3, some to the 360. That didn’t ever matter either. In the end, the hardware is so similar (similar at least if you look at the power you have when adding up all the elements) that the difference is only noticeable with a good eye, looking at the games side by side. This won’t make a lot of people buy one console over the other. Game libraries and stuff like controller preference are way more important.

    The PS4 has the fortunate position that programming for it right now is dead simple. It’s going to lose this edge in the end when the X1 gets API’s aimed more towards the X1′s specific hardware, which will make these comparison videos even more similar.