Harry Potter Retold By People Who’ve Never Read It


We found a handful of people who’ve never seen or read Harry Potter and asked them to describe the plot for us. Then we illustrated their stories for a version of Harry Potter like you’ve never seen before. Join Harry Potter and his friends Hermione and Jacob as they study at Magic School to defeat Nostril Man to become King of the Wizards!


3 Responses to Harry Potter Retold By People Who’ve Never Read It

  1. Most people will probably bash them – I hope people will encourage them to actually read the stories instead, and applaud their courage in doing something that they’ll probably get made fun of for doing..

  2. I’ve seen the films but never read (all of) the books but I think this was VERY scripted. I enjoyed the animation side of it but to be quite honest the people just did my head in. Haha.

  3. Sounds to me like they know exactly what the stories are about and are trying to be “too cool” and make up “funny” plot guesses about a story they don’t like.