PRESIDENT OBAMA: “We’re Building Iron Man” [Video]



You may like him, you may hate him, but one thing cannot be denied: The President has a sense of humor. (And is probably a nerd.)

During the last week of February, a manufacturing innovation event, focusing on metal, was held at the White House and President Obama held a press conference to unveil some “classified” information.

[CNN / Source: YouTube]

4 Responses to PRESIDENT OBAMA: “We’re Building Iron Man” [Video]

  1. any reason for this? “(And is probably a nerd.)”, as I think its 100% untrue. Im sure one of his writers is (or knows popular movies), and by lying to the youth vote he was reelected, so they continue to reference it

    • To take out the trash named “Congress”!
      Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which we shall not put!