Introducing Samsung’s Sexy New Galaxy S5 Smartphone [Video]


Ohhhhhh, nice! I really need to replace my old Galaxy S3, so please Samsung, in exchange for my already undying loyalty to you guys, send me a replacement unit? :)

Join us behind the scenes with host Frankie Vu as we get up close and personal with the Samsung GALAXY S5 and Gear Fit. The new S5 is equipped with a faster, more robust camera, improved durability, a 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen, finger scanner, and heart rate monitor, to allow greater integration with your day-to-day life.

[Samsung Mobile]

5 Responses to Introducing Samsung’s Sexy New Galaxy S5 Smartphone [Video]

  1. Many of those new “features” for the phone are software based and will work on an S4 and maybe even the S3.

      • I was excited for the S5 also (I have a S3), however, after the announcement I’m more interested in Sony Xperia Z2. Will see which has the ability to have rooted and such though.