LEGO in France [Comic]


Le haha!

In France_Lego

[Source: My Life As a Stickperson]

20 Responses to LEGO in France [Comic]

  1. o.O Umm… how is this french bashing? It’s just punny word play.
    Ya know… instead of LEGO it would be le’ GO

  2. I don’t see the frenchbashing, here. It’s just a easy joke on the meaning of “les”. If they are called “go” you will still “les go”.

  3. “Die Bart, Die”
    “No, it’s in German – The Bart, The”

    In France, we also understand this humour …no anxiety :)

  4. Frenchbashing ? Oo’ You’re kidding me ?
    This is just a little pun ! Stop being so annoying, people !