How to Properly Critique a Game [Pic]



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4 Responses to How to Properly Critique a Game [Pic]

  1. How to properly critique a big-budget video game when given the opportunity to do so before the game is officially release.

    Nothing is lower than 8 out of 10. The difference between 8, 9 and 10 is largely determined by a combination of the amount of money spent on marketing, and how close it is to release date.

  2. You lot are never happy, are you? We have at best a week to play, formulate opinions on and write up a game. If we’re critical of a popular game we get shrieking fanboys screaming at us about being biased, and if we give it a good score we’re sellouts in the pockets of rich publishers.

    Here’s some news for you – Game criticism is nuanced and sometimes difficult. If you read our content, give us a break sometimes.