What if Disney Princesses Were “Game Of Thrones” Characters? [Picture Gallery]



From Deviantart user DjeDjehuti:

This was a silly idea I had a little while back and so became a little pet project of mine – both the world of Disney Princesses and Game of Thrones have become so culturally pervasive, and feature such a diverse cast of ladies, it seemed crazy to me that this hadn’t yet been done!!














[Source: DjeDjehuti on Deviantart.com | Via BF]

14 Responses to What if Disney Princesses Were “Game Of Thrones” Characters? [Picture Gallery]

  1. How come people always leave out Pocahontas? She is an actual princess! I see that Lilo and Mulan was included though lol, so I think Pocahontas should be remembered as a Disney Princess also.

    • Lilo isn’t a Disney Princess but Mulan is. And she and Pocahontas are almost always left out because people want to be exclusionary about it.

      • She may be considered a Disney Princess, but there is no Princess blood or marriage in her story. She almost married an emperor’s son in the second, but she married Shang, a soldier & leader of the Emperor’s army.

  2. Who are the people who are spending their days thinking “What if the Disney Princesses were in X setting?” Who are the people who have made it their mission to draw them in these settings? And more to the point, who is it at your site who keeps thinking “Oh, they’ve GOTTA see THIS new take on Disney Princesses!”

    • They probably did it because of the hair color and she came first to mind. I do agree though, Kida probably would have been a better fit with the tribal aspect.