Are These ‘Firefly’ Action Figures Worth the Wait? [Pics]


I dunno.

I mean, despite The Mary Sue claiming “the action figures are deliberate homages to the proportions and articulation of Kenner’s ubiquitous Star Wars line, right down to the packaging,” these just look…awful. Am I alone on this?

firefly action figures 1 firefly action figures 2

[via The Mary Sue]

12 Responses to Are These ‘Firefly’ Action Figures Worth the Wait? [Pics]

  1. I’m of two minds on this, on the one hand they are kind of awful, but on the other hand the are definitely evocative of the old Kenner Star Wars action figures from the ’70s and ’80s, if that was the intent, than they succede in that regard. If they come out with a Serenity playset like the Millenium Falcon for the old Kenner line, then it’s a total win.

    • That WAS their intent. If you check out Entertainment Earth’s lines, they’re launching all kinds of films in this same vein. They’ve got BACK TO THE FUTURE and even ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK ones coming, too. Even ALIEN. And, yes, they’re all 70′s/80′s retro. FIREFLY fans are just being too thick on themselves to ‘get’ the charm.

      • What I had heard about the Alien line were that they were designed to release alongside the film but were never released due to a marketing decision. I actually like those quite a bit more than these Firefly ones, but I can see and apreciate what they were going

        • Exactly! Unlike some of the older series (Alien, Escape, etc) there’s no need for a retro 70′s feel in figures from a 21st century show. Besides which, the ‘likenesses’ are awful: Mal looks like Sulu, Kaylee looks like Ripley and Wash? He looks like a reject from the Real Ghostbusters toys! Plus, Kaylee only gets a wrench? No strawberry or parasol?

  2. I am excited for these. Yes, if you are looking for an action figure up to par with Marvel Universe or DC Universe 4″ figures then they aren’t as detailed. If you are looking for something that is reminiscent of the old school Kenner Star Wars from the 70′s and early 80′s then these are the figures you’re looking for. I am going to pre-order a set of these and some of the horror themed ones as well. These aren’t for everyone, but I like them.

  3. Firefly has nothing to do with 40 year old actions figures. Like any art form, the sculpting of action figures has evolved over time, and it’s come a hell of a long way since Kenner’s original Star Wars line. Firefly’s quality was beyond just about anything else on television at the time, and still exceeds most of what is on television now. It deserves the quality we’ve come to expect from modern action figures, too.

  4. I can appreciate what they were shooting for artistic wise (thought i think the comment “cheapness masquerading as nostalgia” might be more on the mark). Though I would abstain from buying these. If I’m buying an action figure I look for the detail to match or be better than the source. Something this low res would be ok if Firefly was a cartoon of the Saturday morning flavour (do they even show cartoons on Saturday mornings anymore, or has that staple of my youth be relegated to history books?)

  5. God those look awful

    Kaylee was smoking hot but her action figure looks like that kid from the movie “Mask”