6 Awesome Facts About the Xbox One [Video]


Watch as VSauce 3 is dismantling an Xbox One will giving us 6 awesome facts about the console.

1-Microsoft sold 2 million Xbox One in 18 days, enough to fill 6 Olympic-sized swimming pools
2-The Xbox One has 20 times the hard drive space of the first Xbox 360 premium.
3-It would take 5.5 Xbox 360s to equal the peak performance of the Xbox One’s GPU.
4-If you did a calculation every second for 41,512 years, it would be as many as the GPU could do in one second.
5-The Kinect has 128MB or RAM, 2 times the original Xbox.
6-The camera can detect your pulse by reading color changes in your face.


5 Responses to 6 Awesome Facts About the Xbox One [Video]

  1. Actually it has 25 times the storage of the original xbox 360 premium, the premium xbox 360 back in the day had a capacity of 20GB, the Xbox One has a Capacity of 500GB.