Superman and Cyclops are REALLY BAD at Shaving [Comics]



Using your eyes to shave your face is kind of a bad idea, just ask Superman and Cyclops. Comics by Brazilian artist Dragonart. Oh, and even though his site is in Portuguese, I strongly suggest that you check this guy’s stuff out, he’s got some hilarious comics over there!


[Source: Dragonart | Dragonart on Facebook]

8 Responses to Superman and Cyclops are REALLY BAD at Shaving [Comics]

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s canon that superman shaves with his heat vision. Bullets/blades don’t even damage his hair after all.

    • Supes uses a piece of kryptonian metal to reflect the beam. Our mirrors can’t reflect the beam. It’s melts mirrors. They’ve covered this in the comics and the creator of this comic didn’t do their homework. As for cyclops, Jarrod is right. His blast is a force blast and not a hot laser. He would break the mirror and if he didn’t break the mirror, he’d be punching himself in the face.