How To Sneeze In 10 Different Languages [Comic]



Apparently, the sound we make while sneezing is a cultural thing, and deaf people sneeze silently.

If your language isn’t listed above, what would it sound like? Let us know by writing it down in the comments below!

[Source: James Chapman]

25 Responses to How To Sneeze In 10 Different Languages [Comic]

  1. It’s the same with other “sounds” as well.
    I am Polish and my American boyfriend was very suprised that roosters in Poland go “kukuryku” (koo-koo-ree-koo) not “Cocka-doodle-doo”.

  2. Danish: Ah-tju. Spelling may vary, but atju, a-tju, ah-tju is all the same. If it’s a prolonged sneeze just fill in extra a’s. ;)

    • Confirmed from another Danish man… Also i am spotting a tendensy where women sneeze silently or silently’er than men, and men are very loud.