Boy, 11, Bullied For Loving ‘My Little Pony,’ Attempts Suicide [Help Needed!]


Taking after his uncle, 11-year-old Michael Morones, of North Carolina, was a self-proclaimed “Brony,” finding comfort and solace in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, especially in the character of Pinkie Pie. Morones has ADHD, and he found the pony very relatable.

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He wore Pinkie Pie and MLP:FIM paraphernalia to school, where his classmates would tease him and call him “gay” for liking a show “meant for girls.”

His parents were supportive of Morones and his interests and they say they didn’t care if their son turned out to be gay or not.

“He said to us that the other kids were telling him he was gay for loving Pinkie Pie and they were trying to make him feel ashamed for being gay.  We said that we didn’t care if he was gay or straight; he was our son and we would love him,” said his stepfather Shannon Suttle.

While the bullying bothered him, Morones immersed himself in other activities like violin lessons and reading the Bible. But one afternoon, a few weeks ago, Morones wanted to come straight home after school, instead of going to the local Boys and Girls Club.

Then on Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014, Morones attempted to hang himself.

Michael is in the pediatric intensive care unit in a North Carolina hospital. He has damage to his brain, his heart, and his lungs and has not yet fully awakened. There is healing potential, but the extent of that potential is unknown. His family is holding vigil, praying that the swelling in his brain will go down and the child will become coherent.  A tracheotomy is scheduled for this week (it occurred on Tuesday).

The outpouring of the geek community has been huge: The 501st Legion has contacted the family and Andrea Libman, the voice of Pinkie Pie, had the entire MLP cast record messages to Morones.

The Morones family is struggling with their son’s medical bills. The CEO of Play Team Trivia set up a recovery fund for little Michael and donated $500. The family has since created a GoFundMe account, the funds of which will not only go to bills but to funding brain injury research and bullying prevention.

Let’s show Michael that he is not alone.

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8 Responses to Boy, 11, Bullied For Loving ‘My Little Pony,’ Attempts Suicide [Help Needed!]

  1. This is so sad and disturbing, that an 11 year old boy felt so despondent that he tried to kill himself… My heart goes out to him and his family!!! There is no excuse for bullying, sadly children generally hear this type of thing at home and it grows within them from the experiences they have, the things they see… These bullies were made in their parents homes because children are not born prejudiced!!! Prejudice is taught!!! I cried as I read this story, poor little guy!!!!!

  2. I don’t understand why kids feel they need to bully other children. My own 12 year old son like my little pony because his 11 year old sister watches it and he has grown attached to it in particular Rainbow Dash. I can absolutely say that I know he is not gay, he has stated that he likes the message the show portrays and like all the colors and the adventures the ponies go on. Having real live horses seems to add to his liking of the show as well. I hope and pray this young man recovers!

  3. Dana… Kids do this because of peer pressure and the ones that start it, they learn it at home… Xenophobic family members, racist, sexist, bigoted… When you are raised with it then it is difficult to break through the cycle especially for a child :(

  4. It isn’t just the children’s families to blame, remember; peer pressure in the schoolyard ecosystem has almost as much influence on children as their home life. I remember as a kid agreeing vehemently that I hated “Hanson” before I even knew that Hanson was a pop band.

    I’m afraid some of these kids might be calling the poor boy ‘gay’ for liking My Little Pony out of fear that if they *don’t* victimize him, or they try to defend him, someone might lump them in *with* him and they’d be made fun of too. Bullying needs to stop, that much is obvious, but the biggest obstacle to that is that it’s a self-perpetuating issue.

  5. I ask my son all of the time about bullying in school. I ask if he gets bullied, If he sees it or if he ever does it. He got himself roughed up once defending a kid he didn’t even like that was getting bullied by another group of kids that were friends of his. I don’t believe he’d ever would bully someone but I’m not going to be “that” parent.

    Looking at this little boy, reading this story, made me sad but more than that it made me angry. It made me want to take this rage down to the school and march those kids one by one into his hospital room and say, “Look what you did! Apologize. Now fix it. Don’t leave until you fix it.” Let them just stand there helpless until the reality of their actions began to sank in. There are things you can’t take back and words cut sharper than knives. Maybe the parents should ask if they can put up pictures of their son with the words “bullying kills” all around the school.

    I’ve heard people who don’t have kids say things like, “Kids just need to toughen up.” When the damage that is done s to the extent that a child this age or younger can take their own life and those that don’t can have life long psychological damage toughen up is not a tactic. Zero tolerance is the tactic we need to take.

  6. I’m with everyone else here. Bullying needs to end. I don’t only blame peer pressure and bigoted homophobic parents. I also blame society and marketing as a whole. We’re too quick to slap gender labels on clothing, colors, toys, and entertainment. And the more we reinforce those ridiculous labels the bigger the problem becomes. And because of homophobia we lock ourselves into believing that when these dumb gender boundaries are crossed that there’s either something wrong with the person or that we’re allowing something bad to influence them. Both couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth. All of this just perpetuates the problem. It creates the bullies and it validates their beliefs.

    While he’s only two, my son absolutely LOVES shows like Doc McStuffins, Lalaloopsie, Sofia the First, and Sheriff Callie – shows which are clearly marketed to girls. And when my 11 year old daughter is tuned in to My Little Ponies he’s right there watching too. But he also watches many other shows like Octonauts, Bubble Guppies, Little Einstiens, Mike the Knight, and Handy Manny. He likes what he likes. When he’s allowed TV time I allow him to watch whatever show he wants as long as its AGE appropriate.

    On the other hand my geek daughter enjoys playing Minecraft and Skylanders. And, in addition to being a huge MLP fan, she loves shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers. In fact she’s a huge TMNT / MLP shipper. She’s come home on a few occasions and mentioned how one or two of the boys would tell her that TMNT is for boys or that she shouldn’t play Skylanders because its for boys. But I encourage her, never EVER mentioning or implying in anyway she’s gay, that she can like whatever she wants regardless of what others think. That she does not have to ever change what she likes just to fit in or be accepted by others. Those who don’t accept you because of things you like are not worth having as friends. Real friends will accept you whatever it is you like.