WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN: ‘Bioshock’ the Movie [Picture Gallery]


Not to be The Bearer of Bad News, but…did you know that Hollywood was once developing a Bioshock movie back in 2008?

Ken Levine (the video game series’ writer) was directing, but after Universal cut the budget by 60 percent, Levine left and all production was halted.

Artist Jim Martin (Posted with permission) created these concept sketches for The Film That Never Was.

Bioshock movie 1 Bioshock movie 2 Bioshock movie 3 Bioshock movie 4 Bioshock movie 5Bioshock movie 13

[Source: Jim Martin | via Nerdist]

5 Responses to WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN: ‘Bioshock’ the Movie [Picture Gallery]

  1. Aren’t those essentially just concept images from the game? Can’t really say that’s what the Bioshock movie *could* have been if funded…