Dorkly Comics: 3 Movies Made Nicer


3 movies made nicer by Tony Wilson from Dorkly. I especially like “The Empire Nices Back.” Bringing more joy to the world is always a good idea!




[Source: DORKLY]

3 Responses to Dorkly Comics: 3 Movies Made Nicer

  1. Nicer? Don’t you mean pointless and silly?

    If Vader and Luke don’t have their confrontation, Vader won’t turn on Palpatine later. If we remove the head from the box in 7, what’s the point of the movie?

    • I’m sure Luke and Vader will, after a hearty bonding montage with hugs and armour upgrades, go to Palpatine and explain that he doesn’t have to control everything to feel secure. And if he disagrees, well, a throwing-down-the-shaft-stomping-on-the-bits montage is also a good father/son bonding moment.

  2. I dunno, if the end of 7 was like that… I think it would be quite a bizarre but memorable twist. Minus the writing on the cake. Just a cake. With a candle on it, and perhaps a random picture of jesus or something. It would be so shockingly out of place that it would be great.