Doctor Who: Do You Know Your Catchphrases? [Pic]



1st Doctor (William Hartnell): Nonsense!
2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughton): When I say run, RUN!
3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee): Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.
4th Doctor (Tom Baker): Would you like a jelly baby?
5th Doctor (Peter Davison): Sorry, must dash!
6th Doctor: (Colin Baker): Mmm I wonder…Aha…
7th Doctor: (Sylvester McCoy): Fine.
8th Doctor: (Paul McGann): Iím a Doctor, but probably not the one you expected.
9th Doctor: (Christopher Eccleston): Fantastic!
10th Doctor: (David Tennant): Allons-Y
11th Doctor: (Matt Smith): Geronimo!
12th Doctor: (Peter Capaldi): ???????
War Doctor (John Hurt): No More.

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4 Responses to Doctor Who: Do You Know Your Catchphrases? [Pic]

  1. You’ve got to love that Pertwee’s ‘catchphrase’ is a line he only ever used once. “Now, listen to me” would be much more appropriate!

  2. Wouldnt call some of these catchphrases, since they were only used once. “Allons-Y” and “Fantastic” are the only ones I can rmember being used often. Even “Would you like a jelly baby?’ was only uttered about 3 times from memory. I’d also like to think that Sylvester McCoy, who a vibrant and expressive Doctor even if the scripts he was given were mostly crap, would be rememembered for something more emotive than “Fine”