Which Battery Lasts The Longest? [Video]


The best battery for your gadgets? It’s the rechargeable kind, of course, but for traditional batteries, the regular Duracell batteries are your best bet (run time vs. cost) according to this video.


4 Responses to Which Battery Lasts The Longest? [Video]

  1. I’m a big fan of Energizer Ultimate for high-end camera flashes. Nothing else maintains quick recharges while the extreme heat starts building as well as those. Mostly that means that there are other metrics than just how long a battery lasts in a flashlight. The ability to sustain high current draws for extended periods is huge for lots of flash.

  2. A test like this is highly inconclusive. The results differences between trials indicates the need for many more trials. One of the comments above regarding current draw is also relevant: trials would need to include a range of load conditions.