Anime Movies or Series: Fans vs Non Fans [Comic]



Yep, that about sums it up. (But not always!)

[Source: LOLDWELL]

6 Responses to Anime Movies or Series: Fans vs Non Fans [Comic]

  1. I don’t think this comic makes light of the fact that the anime fan would be right almost every time.

    • They’re both right. Anime presents decent narratives then ruins it with an immature and sexist aesthetic.

      • Some anime does. but unfortunately you have to search for those a bit. A larger portion is only the immature and sexist aesthetic running prescripted, cookie-cutter plot lines, episodes and characters.

  2. Actually, the first text would be for an anime researcher (yes, it’s a thing. kyoto university has recently started offering doctorates). Very few anime fans even pretend to be aware of any but the most heavy-handed metaphors in anime… especially not the ones that require a working knowledge of the culture to get.

  3. I’m just curious as to why the anime fan is viewed as smarter than a non anime fan. To me that’s why the comic is showing that only an anime fan would be able to understand a deeper meaning behind the show while a non fan would just be stupid and focus on the girl. I’m kinda getting sick and tired of anime fans feeling superior and thinking that people who don’t enjoy are stupid “and just don’t get it”. I’m happy you guys enjoy anime the only one I truly liked was cowboy bebop I could not get into the others that dot make me stupid just like what I like.