Should We Eat Bugs? A Cultural Look At Eating Insects [Video]


What’s tasty, abundant and high in protein? Bugs! Although less common outside the tropics, entomophagy, the practice of eating bugs, was once extremely widespread throughout cultures. You may feel icky about munching on insects, but they feed about 2 billion people each day (Mmm, fried tarantulas). They also hold promise for food security and the environment. Emma Bryce makes a compelling case for dining on bugs.

[Ted Ed]

4 Responses to Should We Eat Bugs? A Cultural Look At Eating Insects [Video]

  1. I’ve actually had bugs, at a bug museum once. I consider myself a try-everything-at-least-once-type of person, after all. There were ants and crickets and some other type of bug I can’t remember and they were cooked with spices Americans usually use (think cinnamon-sugar and rosemary). Now, I did not find the bugs repulsive, but I do remember disliking the taste and it had nothing to do with cultural rearing. Although maybe if I had grown up eating bugs I would be acclimated to the taste.

    Also, and I’m a little disturbed that the video didn’t mention this, if you are allergic to shellfish you might also be allergic to bugs.