Amazing Nidalee (League of Legends) Cosplay [Pics]



This absolutely beautiful series of photos by Midgard Photography & Cosplay feature the lovely Calssara cosplaying as Nidalee from League of Legends. Here’s what Calssara had to say about her costume:

It looks like the easiest costume ever, but it was not XD. First of all it was hard to find leo-print fabric that did not look super cheap and that was still in my budget. Behind all leopard fur parts there is dark brown suede behind it to imitate the skin of the animal. The teeth are made out of modeling clay and painted with drybrushing so they look dirty and used. There is a lot of wire in that ‘sleeves’ so they stand like that XD haha~. The spear top is made out of Worbla. My lovely spear stick is a real branch of wood…sadly not 100% straight *laugh*. I went into the wood with my handbag and a small saw and cut it secretly >D. [Source]





[Model and Costume: Calssara Cosplay | Photos: Midgard Photography & Cosplay | Via Geekxgirls]

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