Xbox One vs. Nintendo 64: Who Wins? [Video]


So, the question is: Should you buy the console that just came out, or the one from 1996?

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4 Responses to Xbox One vs. Nintendo 64: Who Wins? [Video]

  1. I still don’t get why people complain about the kinetic seeing them. Its like complaining about your food being cold. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Put your kinect away or unplug it. Its not rocket science. I swear this generation likes to complain over things even a someone in a come could figure out how to solve.

    My ex-fiance bought me a kinect. You know what I did with it? I left in a drawer since then. Eventually I sold it.

    • When the system was first announced, it had to be always on, and the Kinect had to be always connected. That’s what riled everyone up

  2. this was just plain stupid. I’m sorry. I found it entertaining but i regret watching this. And what ClicheName is saying is completely right. if you don’t like the kinect, put it away. Make it look away from you, put a cloth over it so it wouldn’t be able to see you. That’s never bothered me cause that’s what i would have done. I do hate that they raised the price for Xbox Live :-/