Doctor Who: The First and Last Lines of Each Doctor [Pic]



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  1. I’m well aware, but Sam decided to be condescending about it, so I thought I’d reply with American English.

  2. the first words said by the new doctor were not what the image says they were “no all 13 of him” in the special where all the doctors end the time wars.

    • those aren’t the first words of the new doctor, those were the words of another random person correcting them when they said that the ’12′ doctors were there to end the time war. they just showed the face of the new doctor while saying that line

    • Those were the first words he said in the series, but the event happens later in his personal timeline. His first words are the words he says right after regenerating. In the same way that the 1st – 4th Doctors all appeared after they had regenerated (The 3 Doctors, The 5 Doctors and the 2 Doctors) but their words in those don’t count, because those stories happened before they regenerated.

  3. The Regeneration of Christopher Eccleston was actually “Rose! Before I go I just want to tell you, you we’re fantastic” and not “I just want to say you were fantastic”

    And John Hurts Doctors first line was technically “Doctor Who?” in Night of The Doctor

  4. The Fourth Doctor’s first words aren’t quite right. They’re hard to make out; there’s some inaudible grumbling followed by, “Stop Linx… the course of human history… I tell you, Brigadier – there’s nothing to worry about. The Brontosaurus is large and placid.”

  5. i think of the war doctor as ‘the 8th doctor mark II’ because 8 wanted to transform into a warrior rather than having it at random

  6. You all are nitpicking but missing facts. The first Doctor claimed his body was failing him (getting a bit thin) and collapsed to the TARDIS floor. The Seventh woke up DURING SURGERY to beg the O.R. Team to stop what they were doing because it would kill him. Both the quotes listed above are incorrect.

    • .. although he was also screaming about stopping the Master. The quote in the above list seems to be from just after he was shot outside the TARDIS.

  7. I could have sworn that the War Doctor said “I hope the YEARS are a bit less conspicuous this time.”

    After replaying that part just now I still believe that’s what he said. It’s a lot better than ‘ears’, at any rate.