Isaac Asimov’s 1964 Predictions About 2014 [Video]


Crazy predictions made in 1964 from genius Isaac Asimov about things that are happening right now!

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12 Responses to Isaac Asimov’s 1964 Predictions About 2014 [Video]

  1. 1) Withdraw from Nature – well more and more cites have green corridors, and so on so nope, we did not move under ground.
    2) The first coffee machine was made in around 1790 (no did not find a source quote)
    2.5) unless you are reffering to my oven as “a device that prepare automeals” then again no not really, I cant punch in Chili con carne on my kitchen device and expect it to cook it up.
    3) TV dinners have been around since 1953 – And canned food since 18xx (nice to predict something that is already there)
    4) No we dont have moving sidewalks, unless flattened out escalators in the airport counts, and escalators has been around since pre 1900
    5) Population – 34 million to high with the US pop, and 609 Million short world wide (when he predicted it it was (3,263 billions world wide so he expected it to double so he was about 10% off witch I would say is a fairly large deal (especially if you are in the business of supplying food)
    6) Videophone – video telephone began its deployment in the 1950s, im not saying that they were good, or that it was something a private person could own, but then again, 9 out of 10.. wait 99 out of 100… no wait…. 99.999 out of 100.000 calls are not with picture today even though the tec for it has been around for a looong time, I for sure don’t make a face time call, just because I can.
    7) fewer routine jobs – well ask the child labor force in china, before you tell me that is true.
    8) a race of machine tenders… well yes… but then again … the job we do has only replaced the typewriter with a windows machine that crashes more than your average typewriter, which was invented in 1860s – well 100 years before this prediction.

    So No not really stunning at all….

  2. This is as bad as newspaper horoscopes or teen pop stars manipulating girls insecurities through generic, monotonous “love songs”

    These are not predictions for the future, these are evaluations of how the world was back then and how it would continue to stay the same

    Nothing in life changes

  3. I love Asimov, but there was nothing actually predicted here since most of these inventions and notions had been in place long before 1964. The only real prediction was the population prediction which was so far off the mark that it lies outside a reasonable margin of error. This video was a waste and nothing more than click-bait. I’m only sorry I fell for it. Stop being lazy GaS. Your posts have gone way downhill recently.

  4. Haha the whole time I was watching this I kept thinking, “that already existed in 1964, so did that… and that!” I’m glad you all looked up the facts before I did.