An Official Simpsons LEGO Set? [Pic]



This picture of a possible upcoming LEGO Simpsons set were recently posted to the Eurobricks forum by user Carlos S and apparently came from “the brother of a Facebook friend.” The set will probably be quite pricey (up to $300 by some estimates) if we consider the number of pieces mentioned on the box.

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  1. That piece count likely means it’s faked, sadly; the Death Star’s 3800ish pieces, and one of their biggest kits, where the similar in size and detail Olivia’s House from Lego Friends is around 700. Looking at the image, I don’t see how it could possibly be 2500+ bricks.

  2. Why would the piece count mean that it’s faked? It looks like they opted for detail here and instead of using prefabricated big wall pieces have opted for 2 stud bricks for the walls.

    My gripes is that they’re going to make the Nuclear Power Plant merely Homer’s console. Where it could have been a whole power plant, a small sector 7G type building, Burn’s office (perhaps 3 levels) and the 2 cooling towers. Where you’d have the following minifigs: Homer, Mr Burns, Smithers, Lenny, Carl, Hans Moleman (as the janitor), Security Guard, Doughnut delivery man and maybe 2 no name workers, perhaps in that collectable minifigure radiation suit with modified headwear.

    • They’re not all 2×1; there’s 6×1 and 4×1 making up the walls too. Yes, it’s interior detailed – but so is Olivia’s House, and that’s 700 pieces, with a ton of those being the garden (which this kit doesn’t have) and furniture (most of which is one piece – search Google for “lego 71006″, there’s more supposed box art out now).

      That amount of pieces means it’s 300 more than the far more detailed Palace Cinema, which is an Expert kit for 16+. The floor plate is covered in tiny bricks to make a very detailed pavement, the cinema sign uses separate light pieces for the marquee – it’s super detailed. This is a standard kit for 12+, why so many pieces? Makes no sense. There are currently no kits with that many pieces for 12+, they’re all Master Series kits.

      Plus, the Palace is $150/£120. Most big kits for new themes are sub-£100, typically £70. The current biggest Lego Superheroes kit, Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout, is 1619 pieces for £130, and the Ewok Village of only 2000 pieces is £200. The cheapest kit with near 2500 pieces is currently £135 (Parisian Restaurant), and it’s not out yet. So, if it is real… it’s a £150 kit,and it’s a lot of tiny pieces.

      Yes, I do my research…

  3. You can’t really compare this to Olivia’s House from the Friends subtheme as that house clearly is open at the back and makes extensive use of long column brick pieces for the wall, where the Simpsons one does not.

  4. Wow. Later in the thread there’s better details – Lego store in Cardiff confirms for end of month – £180. Crikey. So, brick amount’s likely right due to the pricing matching up – but what a price. $250 most likely for US people.

  5. So is the fake number to put us off on how many pieces it really has? Or does it use lots of specific small elements throughout? Or someone just really screwed up and doesn’t know how to count? Or is it 523 pieces, which I think is too small.