Disney Princesses in College [Pics]



College Humor tried to imagine what Disney princesses would be like in college and, with the help of artist Paul Westover, have illustrated the life of each.






[Source: College Humor | Artist: Paul Westover | Via]

11 Responses to Disney Princesses in College [Pics]

  1. Could have done a lot better on the depictions. Cinderella could have been taking Business Courses for her new cleaning company, Aurora could be involved with sleep research for her Psychology degree, Mulan could have been going for Health/Fitness, Rapunzel studying for her MLS and Tiana could be going for Biology or genetics. Instead, once again, they are portrayed in a stereotypical manner. Sigh . . .

      • And you could be less or a stereotypical anti-feminist. Sdmtngirl’s comment don’t have much to do with feminism (though do skim it a bit) but deal more with wanting a more interesting/more thought out depictions of the princesses in college.

      • You’re partly right (wrong about the sexist part), there’s also applying for scholarships, working part time, playing video games, and going to club meetings.