RC Death Ray Laser Drone Bot [Video]


From Youtuber styropyro:

I present my most terrifying laser creation as of yet…the remote controlled death ray drone bot! This beast packs a potent 2W blue laser that fries anything in it’s path. It can walk around and shoot it’s death ray at the touch of a button.

[Styropyro | Via TA]

5 Responses to RC Death Ray Laser Drone Bot [Video]

  1. ^ most likey he got the laser diode from a blue ray drive. Dvd lasers work, not as powerful but still dangerous.

    • They’re really not all that dangerous unless you actually point it at something like a eyeball.

      The reason all the balloons used were black was because they retain the heat from the laser and that’s why they’re able to pop them, but another colour and it would have varying levels of success.