Disney Princess Lingerie [Pic]



Each these bra and panty set will cost you 4,000 yen ($38) at the Bellemaison boutique’s website or on location in Japan. I don’t know if these are officially licensed or not, but I know a lady or two who’d be interested in purchasing a set if they’d be available in North America.

[Source: Bellemaison | Via IO9]

5 Responses to Disney Princess Lingerie [Pic]

    • I don’t know what a ‘Broney’ is, but what’s wrong with a 30 year old buying pretty/sexy lingerie?
      Surely its better than some kid buying it when its completely inappropriate?

      • A “broney” is a word-meld of the words “brother” and “pony”. It is a colloquial term for the fans of My Little Pony, particularly as many of them tend to be adult males. Perhaps this will shed some light on the previous comment.

        • It’s spelt “brony”.

          And what if they do? The product gets sold, money gets made. Nothing else to it. Anybody can wear whatever they like, regardless of who they are, their gender and what they are and aren’t into.