Imagine: A Comic to Live By in 2014 [Pic]


Another great comic by Pablo Stanley!

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[Source: Pablo Stanley]

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  1. That isn’t the message at all… The message is to view other people as just that- other people. They are not a religion. They are not a country. They are not an ideal or philosophy or opinion; they are a person, just like you. If we all started to view others as people then maybe, just maybe, we can learn to get along. This isn’t saying that religion is bad, but it is saying that sometimes we are blinded by religion when we try to interact with others. It is saying that regardless of any divisions we create for ourselves, we are all together, we are all one people sharing one planet.

  2. You can be spiritual and not be religious.Organized Religion has been the source of so many problems in this world’s history, intentional or otherwise. It’s a shame but why can’t we just view each person as just that? What is so wrong about just treating them how you would want to be? Isn’t that what Jesus said once upon a time? Being a religious blowhard kills so much of the fun to be had, especially when said person contradicts the teachings of their faith. I’ve seen too many people claim to be devout to X faith and then do a 180 so they can have ‘a little’ fun.

  3. Wow. Stick to Geek stuff. This is the dumbest thing I have even seen. Wake up and smell the coffee. This is sooooooo dumb it doesn”t even get a response. Unless your on crack it’s pretty easy to see this kind of pie in the sky dreaming doesn’t help anyone.

    • Every Geek read comics and love them too… Most of them! It’s a wonderful comic, you don’t like it, then don’t see it :D
      Have a happy new year

    • Did you miss the part where this is just a comic drawn to an old song by John Lennon? The song’s message was valid then and it is valid now. Seems like you’re one of those people the message is targeting.

  4. He got shot…by a random person That´s humanity, another face that will always prevent this from happening
    wanna make a move? ´cause I´m sure as hell someone will make one against you.
    You don´t believe me? just try fellas!

  5. Its a nice fantasy, but if religion didn’t exist, humans would just come up with some other stupid thing to fight wars over. Basically, the only way the human race could ever live in peace is if we never had any disagreements, and that, my friends, will never happen. You might as well just come to terms with the fact that the human race in general is filled with horrible people that make this world an unpleasant place. Hoping for world peace is about as fruitful as a dead apple tree.

    • Actually all it would take was an outside force, the day aliens attack Earth there will be peace among humans….at least until we beat the aliens.

  6. Well, when you come across this utopia, where men and women can be innocent as children, not become corrupt and abuse power bestowed upon them, get back to me. Make sure you’re riding your unicorn.

  7. I love how Mahatma Gandhi and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. are atheists now…
    or at the very least, have no religion.

  8. funny how the last image the “peace sign” is an upside down cross made by satanists. lol
    Imagine if everyone believed in God and Jesus, then we wouldnt need signs and images like this to bring humanity together.

      • “Imagine if everyone believed in God and Jesus, then we wouldnt need signs and images like this to bring humanity together.”

        “come to think of it, just seems to me like some one world order campaign.”

        Irony’s not something you do to your shirt before a hot date, you know.

  9. I can dig it lol, without all this stuff people wouldn’t have so many reasons to kill people. I also hate to tell you all that having no beliefs us a belief lol

  10. Not knowing the order in which replies stack, mine was meant for the “Atheism is still a religion” fallacy.

  11. For those who won’t click for whatever reason, the caption reads “If Atheism really was a religion, it would have divided into different sects of people trying to kill each other by now.”