Superman vs. Hulk: The EPIC Fight Continues [Must-Watch Video!]

Almost 2 years after releasing part II, Mike Habjan has finally completed part III of his EPIC Superman vs. Hulk video series.

This is the third part of my animated Superman and Hulk fight. This project is something I work on from home as an independent project and is not affiliated with any company. It took about nineteen months to finish, starting in May 2012.

[Mike Habjan | Via GT]

6 Responses to Superman vs. Hulk: The EPIC Fight Continues [Must-Watch Video!]

  1. the hulk would still win you have to remember he is indestructible and the more you hit him the more he gets angry and the more he gets angry the stronger he gets in world war hulk he hits sentry(a golden superman basically) so hard he knocks hath the moon of on top of that he got so angry that one stamp of his foot shattered the earths crust. hes one mean green fighting machine

    • Problem is: Superman has no limits, Hulk DOES. Eventually all that rage passes. Eventually he grows too tired to maintain it. When it does, then game over. Also, he has to breathe, Superman does not. Not to mention, had it been done accurately, Hulk would never touch Superman because he moves too fast.

      That said, kinda fun seeing them beat the crap out of each other.