LEGO: The Hobbit Announcement Trailer [Video]


A new LEGO Game based on The Hobbit, now how awesome is that?

The official announcement trailer for the LEGO reimagining of The Hobbit has arrived, showing Bilbo and company in all their blocky glory.

[IGN | Via TA]

3 Responses to LEGO: The Hobbit Announcement Trailer [Video]

  1. Why must people always say its not like the book. Name alot of movies that are ever like their comic/book/novel counter parts? Almost none. And not to mention the game (and the movie) are based on the book PLUS additional writing from Tolkien. Hence giving it more detail. To be fair I know mainly nerds complain because its just how they are being super factual.

    • I’ll name one; The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Besides, just because a lot of movies aren’t like their “counterparts” doesn’t you shouldn’t call them out on it.

      Trust me, I know the additional writing from Tolkien, and that’s nice and all if they wouldn’t add and change a bunch of stuff from them too. Btw. the “additional writing” are the appendices after part six in the LOTR books.

      What’s wrong with being super factual?