Iron Man MkZ: A Short Fan Film [Video]

On his route to Stark Tower, Tony Stark comes under attack from the Ten Rings! Luckily he has his brand new Mark Z suit with him to test out.

Sneaky Zebra is proud to present this video by Anthony McGrath, sound design is by Gary from the team but everything else is produced and created by Anthony McGrath.

[Sneaky Zebra / Anthony McGrath]

2 Responses to Iron Man MkZ: A Short Fan Film [Video]

  1. A few observations:

    - Great concept and animation!
    - Probably should’ve chosen a more modern warplane than the 1970′s era F-14 Tomcat. Russian MiG’s would’ve been more appropriate for the Ten Rings.
    - The plane is firing an AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missile, not a Jericho. The movie prop Jericho looks completely different.
    - Pity you couldn’t have contacted RDJr’s and Paul Bettany’s agent to see if they’d have given you a pro bono voiceover for this. That would’ve sold it completely, and both are known for doing all kinds of favors for fans.

  2. Damn, that’s pretty cool, and it shows how far independent filmmaking has come. A few decades ago, a really good Iron Man fan film (animated or otherwise) would have been practically impossible to pull off. More please!