Author Harlan Ellison on “Saving Mr. Banks” [Video]

I’m still seeing it with my mom on Christmas (Thompson! Hanksy!), but Mr. Ellison is irate over the new, sure-to-be-Oscar-worthy Saving Mr. Banks.

I, for one, wasn’t expecting Saving Mr. Banks to be “factually accurate” — it’s a Hollywood movie, produced by Disney, about “Uncle Walt.”

His rant is 10 minutes long, but Mr. Ellison is so eloquent, it was still mesmerizing to watch, even though he didn’t really divulge anything new.

Warning: Strong Language.

[Harlan Ellison / Source: YouTube]

One Response to Author Harlan Ellison on “Saving Mr. Banks” [Video]

  1. I, too, share in much of Ellison’s angst over the Hollywoodization of history. I’ve no desire to see this film, but — like him — I can’t tell you how disappointed and/or frustrated I get with any film that tries to present true-to-life events and — for whatever reason — can’t seem to actually get the history right. In my younger days, I’d chalk it up to intellectual laziness — writers didn’t know the actual events — but thanks to the advent of commentary tracks and behind-the-scenes featurettes I’ve come to understand that many of them DO know that what they’re doing is deliberately misrepresenting history in favor of preserving whatever narrative they’re trying to “shuck.” As a writer, I ‘get’ that you want to use certain events in order to make a point about a character or about an event or even about the culture of the times; still, I don’t agree in seeing it done in movies because ten years from now or twenty years from now or thirty years from now all that audiences remember IS the movie version, not reality. That’s doing a HUGE disservice to our culture, if not our already under-educated peoples.

    Rant on, Ellison. Rant on.