“Destination Truth” Host Takes to Twitter After Getting (Awesomely) Wrong Amazon Order #HamburgerEarmuffs

When most people don’t get the order they’ve paid for, they flip out, especially during the holiday season. But not Josh Gates, host of SyFy Channel’s “Destination Truth.”

According to BuzzFeed, Josh recently opened a box from Amazon, expecting to find a “Destination Truth” t-shirt. Instead, what he received became one of the happiest Twitter “rants” ever.

But Gates quickly realized he got the better end of the mix-up.

The hamburger earmuffs were welcomed by Gates, who realized he had comedy gold on his hands…er, ears.

Amazon offered to rectify the situation, but t-shirts are boring.

The hamburger earmuffs were officially part of the Gates family.

And in case you were trying to land your own sweet pair of hamburger earmuffs, you may now be in a bit of a “pickle.”


But who got the “Destination Truth” shirt instead of the hamburger earmuffs??

2 Responses to “Destination Truth” Host Takes to Twitter After Getting (Awesomely) Wrong Amazon Order #HamburgerEarmuffs

  1. Getting the wrong thing shipped to you can be awesome. In general, unless it’s something like a car, a computer, or a diamond ring or something like that, they let you keep the thing, AND they send your original thing, too. My wife likes her T-shirt with James-Thurber-drawn dogs all over it. It’s the wrong size, and she would never have ordered it for herself, and it’s kind of stupid, and it’s adorable, and she loves it. It’s survived three wardrobe purges so far.