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10 Responses to 10 Hilarious Test Answers

  1. These test answer type post on sites tend to make a blood vessel in the back of my left eye start to twitch – by the time I was 12 (and being homeschooled) it was decided that, for the good of everyone, I would take on the job of correcting all the worksheet papers my dad’s highschool student turned instead of my father marking them himself. Worked out to a tidy profit for my ‘car/college’ fund, kept my father from going apoplectic on an hourly basis and made sure that I had absolutely no desire to ever ever EVER become a teacher. Because all those above answers ARE funny. The first 100 times. By the 1000, you start to wonder why more teachers don’t drink. In class. To this day I still want to track down the student who answered “Define a demagogue” with simply one word – “Cher” and probe deeper. I also will never be able to hear the question “Who was Christopher Columbus?” without having my brain instantly supply “The son of a Genoa Tailor” – which, while ~true~ was the first part of a sentence, on the bottom of a textbook page, that would then go on to talk about the whole voyage issue… if only 95% of his students would have just. turned. the. page.

  2. I think these ‘answers’ are an example of creative thinking, they are clever. Not the answer the test giver was looking for but perhaps an attempt to take a jab at the much bigger question on young people’s minds, “why do I need to know this?” or “why should I care?” If a teacher does a good job at answering these questions first then he/she might grab the attention of the students. It’s not that they don’t want to learn. They know plenty about the things that they care about. So make them care.