DORKLY COMIC: The PC vs. Console Gaming Argument in a Nutshell [Comic]

Touché, Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman (Dorkly).


Yep, that about sums it up.

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  1. Not quite… it is as if suddenly all food came in soup form because it is easier to design for the bowl people and their simplified spoon eating utensils. The plate people have sporks.. SPORKS! We can handle solid food too!

  2. As a PC gamer I can say that this comic is only accurate if the newer food is incompatible with your bowl, plate, silverware, and table and in order to eat said food you need to spend several hundred dollars upgrading everything.

    Only now, years later, can I get Hitman: Blood Money to run right…

  3. Though on the flip side I often play games from ten years ago, sometimes modded sometimes not, on my PC. Something a console would never let me do unless the developers thought some money was to be had. I can also replace a part if it fails at a relatively low price compared to what it would cost to replace an entire console.

    Pc’s are better as made obvious by the fact that the modern console it pretty much a pc in a hotter box.

  4. I agree with Vanilla…The biggest problem with Consoles is you are limited to how you can play the games. I love keyboard and mouse…plenty of keys to program moves or items to.

    I think the plates and bowls is a little too simplified…Cause with a PC I add spice to my food in the plate, but with the Console or Bowls I get it as is, and can’t do much else with it…No spice, no changing the flavor a bit. It is what is in the bowl, period. And you have to eat with a spoon only, no fork…You can put your spoon into a thing that looks like a fork, but it’s just not the same.

    And, when I’m done playing games (eating food)…I can go browse the internet, I can open up Office, or Open Office, I can program languages with Visual Studio…etc…Yeah you can browse the internet…and maybe buy some more games on the Interwebs…But I’m not just stuck…In a box (console). Or hotter box like Vanilla said…My plate is much hotter :D

    • Hehe, while your response is funny, you’re missing the point of the comic. “Food” are games, and we all should love the GAMES, who cares what we play the games on?
      That’s the point. We are all gamers.

  5. Another thing…you have to wait a good while for add-ons…We don’t :D People make them freely…look at Minecraft…you’re just now getting Enderman and Enderdragon…We’ve had it for a long time now…on plates baby :D

  6. This comic completely misses the point. PC’s are far superior to gaming consoles because you can upgrade a PC consistently and always be ready for the next gen stuff and still be able to play your older faves. Consoles will be out for two, three years top and you’ll have buy the new one to play the new games, But most of the time you cant play the old games on the new consoles. Pc’s can always play older games, you’d have save your old console and set it up to play older games most of the time.Also by the time newer consoles come out PC’s have already taken two or three steps further in advances in speed, memory, graphics, and processing power and are simple to upgrade with newer parts.

  7. Very similar to VHS vs Beta. Beta was clearly the better format quality wise, but VHS won out because of better financial muscle behind it. PC gaming is far superior to console gaming – more power, better graphics, more upgradeable and the mouse and keyboard is far more intuitive than the controller, however, with the combined muscle of Sony and Microsoft behind consoles, who do you think will eventually win out? If you’re at all unsure Microsoft’s abandonment of Games for Windows Live gives you the answer loud & clear..

  8. The comic doesn’t care if one is better than the other. People are allowed to have preferences. The point is people become very militant and uncompromising about it as is shown by the comments above.