Happy 107th Birthday, Grace Hopper! [Comic]

Today would have been Grace Hopper’s 107th birthday.

Google even made their doodle about her. Hopper was an American computer scientist and United States Navy rear admiral.

This Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic by Zach Weiner illustrates that as long as there is sexism, the Curse of Hopper just gets stronger.

Grace Hopper comic

2 Responses to Happy 107th Birthday, Grace Hopper! [Comic]

  1. Grace Hopper Is Turning 107 And I Wish Her Best Time Of Her Life And She’s A Wonderful
    Computer Scientist And A Navy Admiral Because Grace Is Well Respected Person And I Li
    ke Her Personality Regardless Of Grace’s Old Age And Now That She Is Gone I Never For
    get Grace’s Life Here In 1900′s And A Very Happy Birthday To Her And Best Wishes And D
    reams Do Come True! RIP.

    PS Grace Hopper Is Never Forgotten Who Ever Lived Before World War I And WWII And
    She Is Always Remembered And How She Lived In 1900′s And Now That Grace Pass
    ed On She Is Well Liked Lady!