Gravity Visualized With Spandex and Marbles [Science Video]

Wow. Just wow. I especially liked the part where the professor was able to have one marble orbit the other while the first was orbiting the weight located in the center of the sheet of spandex.

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    • not really anti gravity implies a lack of gravity it would be easier to say dark energy pushes where gravity pulls (lack of gravity and reversal of gravity are two different things)

    • Kind of! Like Dark Matter, Dark Energy is a concept to describe a phenomenon we do not understand. In recent years, it has been measured that the universe is expanding at an increasing rate, which goes against what we thought would happen as gravity is an attractive force that would slow expansion down. A theory that explains this suggests that the universe is fulled with energy, like 1 proton worth of energy per cubic meter, that creates negative pressure that could cause this increased rate of expansion. The main problem with this, however, is that the current quantum mechanical model would have an energy density of over 10^50+ times what would be needed. Something that my professor talked about was that there could be a another phenomenon to gravity that has not been discovered yet, perhaps on a universe sized scale even larger than the one we use.

  1. I love this experiment. But a thought came up. It required 1g to execute. So where does the ~1gforce exist universally to pull all the objects “down”. This is a stupid, simple question that my limited understanding fails to comprehend. It kills me to ask it so please be gentle. I genuinely want to know.

    • Because there is much more friction on that lycra trampoline than in largely empty outer space. Were there no such thing as friction, there would be stable orbits.