Will 3D Printing Change Everything? [Science Video]

The future is coming! Some are calling it the 3rd or “3D Industrial Revolution”. But how does 3D Printing work, and what can you expect?


2 Responses to Will 3D Printing Change Everything? [Science Video]

  1. I already have a 3d printer in my home. The MakerBot Replicator 2 is a great 3D printer and I’ve printed out hundreds of items. If you have kids I can highly recommend the Replicator 2 as a magic toy factory and thingiverse as the place to go to get the toy files. There’s simple 3D programs and web sites that even kids can use to design their own toys. They even have a scanner so you can sculpt your ideas in clay, scan them in, then manipulate them before printing it out.

  2. This reminds me of The Fifth Element, where they took the DNA of the main character, used that to map her out in a computer and “printed” her out one slice at a time.